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By Mary Lindow

This  podcast is going to be directed towards the question that many people are asking, (and of course a lot of times believers don’t “ask the question” because they fear that they are going to be judged for asking such a question!) 

But if we don’t ask, we don’t get answers, and so today’s podcast is addressing “What is the Holy Spirit doing during this season”.


I have spent time praying and seeking the Lord well for a good month now  and it’s been an interesting time since the last time we were together, and of course, the assignments God puts or put us into, IN different season of life, they never come without challenges and also without redemptive opportunities! And so, that’s what I’m going to be addressing! 


I’ve heard from the Spirit of God about what I’m to share. 

I am cautious about giving a word for a specific year because it begins to be kind of a measuring stick for some people to then either compete with or, that’s all they go by. “What the Lord said for 2024, 2023”, whatever, and they don’t listen for themselves, because sometimes it’s not about the year, it’s about the season, and a season can be more than one year! It can be more than a week, it can be a month or two!


Wherever we are in the Presence of God in our lives, walking with Jesus, we are in a season, and that season that we’re in right now is a very different time.  That’s where we’re heading today and I encourage you to share this word with those who are crying out to God for answers.


The things that are coming up in this next time and in life for all of us, 

They’re going to be challenging! 


In order to have the times of refreshing we are crying out for and, 

Are desperate for as believers,

We must learn to rule and reign with grace.


Refreshing rains will not fall, and cannot fall in full glory, when we refuse to lay down judgments, manipulations, and self invented “spiritual rules” that do not run parallel with the King of grace who is the ULTIMATE Mercy bringer in this present season. The conviction of God will be strong to cleanse the heart of falsity, the  fear of man and the passivity of half repentance for works of the flesh. 


We can get all the people that we know around the globe to pray for us and to pray over us, but we cannot force out the devil and the darkness of our own unforgiveness and intentional blame-shifting. 


We give the enemy consistent access to our churches and our lives as long as we “lord it over others”, hiding our own sin, pretending that God does not see.


To operate or flow in Mercy means to perform out of a desire to relieve suffering, and is motivated by compassion. The action of forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within   one's power to punish or harm. Mercy shown, prevents something unpleasant or provides relief from suffering.








God will protect you more for doing this than any self-invented cover-up ever could. And, you just might regain relationships with those you have used as stepping-stones to your own deviant self-empowerment.





If we are indeed man or a woman of prayer, the test will come of that deep prayer life when your enemies surround you, accuse you, and often attempt to execute and silence you. 


Some will manifest in this next year as false friends who use and abuse your friendships and contacts, in order to gain access to notoriety and power over all of the things you are supposed be preparing for yourself. 


They will exhaust and weaken you until you once and for all put upon the altar of surrender, any need for someone else to carry you or promote you.  


A man or a woman of prayer in these days, right now, will learn to sweep out iniquity, falseness, slander, and “hierarchical pecking orders” through goodness and humility.


This is a time to trust, to depend upon, to lean upon, the goodness of the Lord. 

This is a time to trust in His sovereignty more than ever before.

It is His right to define what grace is. 

It is not man’s right. 


Prophetic Exhortation 

“And so says the Lord, the Spirit of Grace,

the Voice of Wisdom, and the only Almighty One. 

As you cry out for times of refreshing, for a change in the hearts of men, for a move of my Spirit across the lands of Earth, my command to you is that you begin to create an atmosphere where I may speak My plans, according to My Word and according to My prerogatives.


I will lead you and guide you with enough light each day, as you come to that narrow place with me. 


I will strengthen your weakened emotions and spiritual discernment as you dialogue in honesty with me. 


Some of you must quickly repent of foolish choices and foolish actions that have caused many to be shattered and shamed because you spoke out of a title or calling, rather than out of following my voice.


Begin to dig wells in prayer. 

Become entrenched and immersed in it, never ceasing. 

Prepare places where my rain may fall and cause a fresh drinking place for those yet to taste of my goodness, as well as for those who are thirsty within my Body.


Begin to dig wells in prayer in dry places, with humility and goodness. 

Lean upon me, trust in me, do not lean upon your own understanding, for you have well seen that having done this in the past you have missed many opportunities to prepare a way of salvation for others.

“I have chosen you in the furnace of affliction.” (Isaiah 48:10)


So comfort yourself, weary and tried believer with this thought. Does not the word come like a soft shower, quieting the fury of the flame? Is it not a fireproof armor against the heat, which will then have no power? 


Whatever happens to you in this valley of weeping, know that I have chosen it for you.

If you still require an even greater comfort, remember that you have the Son of man with you in the valley, in that “secret place” with you.  There He sits by your side, One whom you have not seen but whom you love and whether you know it or not, this is the true friend who sticks closely by you.

I will never leave one whom I have chosen as my own.


Great grace. Great mercy. Great promise. 

All these are yours, extended from my hand, and for you to extend, from your hand. 



…To live out the heart and life of the servant as I lead you with the little light that you have at this time. It is all you need as long as it comes from me. 

It is a time to learn to march forward, to dig wells, to prepare, so that others may also drink freely with no restraints.

When I come and speak to you and move among you, I express everything that is pure and lovely and has a good report and sin and uncleanliness depart.

Peace also rains when I move with humble power. Gentleness will be the result of my transforming power. 

Harmlessness will follow, for hearts that are touched by me are never exhibiting any feelings of superiority, self-assertiveness, or showiness.

My grace is sufficient for you, and you will find it if you will seek it, and above all if you will express it!

“Be strong in the grace that is in me.” (2 Timothy 2:1)

As a reservoir empties itself into pipes, so have I emptied out my grace for my people in this Next Wave of My Heart. 

From my fullness you have received “Grace for Grace”. Grace is always available from me, without price.

“Keep yourselves then, from overconfident, arrogant sins.” (Psalm 19:13) 

You will certainly stumble if you look away from the One who is able to keep you from falling. 


Be very cautious about pushing yourself into the forefront of public gatherings and among the more visible. If you are to be used in higher visibility, let it be Me who promotes you there. 

Some who drive themselves to the forefront will also have greater scrutiny and unfortunate exposure of hidden agendas and unholy transactions in this season, and sadly will be brought low again because of their self presumption of importance. 


If your love is fervent, your faith constant, and your hope bright, continue 

nonetheless to be on your guard and cry out, “Keep us from temptation!”


The seasons revolve according to my Divine appointment and man cannot change their schedule. 

In the spiritual as in the natural realm, man’s power is limited.

I alone can remove the winter of spiritual death from an individual or from a church.

Let me hear you say, “Not my will, but as you will oh Lord!” 

As you yield to me my people, I will yield in return and bring the sweetness of my Holy Presence into your very homes, your gatherings, whether modest or larger numbers are attending. 

I look for honest, wisdom-filled, and humble people to move among and to move through.  


Let it be, as I desire! 

As I will!  

Allow me to determine what is the best for you. 

Be content to leave your prayer and your petitions in my hands.

I know when to give, how to give, what to give, and what to withhold.


As you visit me in the secret place of repentance and brokenness, as the path becomes narrower, seeking me earnestly and often times pleading with humility and resignation, you shall surely prevail!

I am the light on your pathway. And, I AM all you need.” 


This Was A Strong Word From The Lord! 

I encourage you to listen to it and read it and meditate over it, several times, allowing the Holy Spirit to do a deeper work in your heart. 

When the Spirit of God speaks to us about a Season that we are in, or about things that are to come, we need to cleanse our hearts from being impatient, and allow Him to do that work that gets down deep inside and pushes out anything that we are running from, or, He begins to deal with the things that we have been asking questions about, and now he’s bringing the answers. 

I bless you today and encourage you to dedicate yourselves to rich and set apart time in prayer and fellowship with the King of heaven. 

I encourage you to dig wells in prayer. 

It’s not glamorous! 

But, I can tell you this we’ve been having prayer gatherings every Thursday evening now for well over two years now, actually, three now, and I can tell you that there have been nights where it seems like two hours went by and it felt like 15 minutes.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is so sweet and thick, and you know the scripture talks about “the weight of his glory” (2 Corinthians 16-18) there is a presence of weight, a thickness of the presence of God, a rich atmosphere.  

We have seen the impossible take place in prayer!  We have seen lives changed,  we have seen court cases reversed, we have seen sick bodies be recovered and restored and miracles take place in families. 

We are grateful to the Lord that when we come together in his name, he is there with us, and that scripture that says whenever two or more gather in  my name there I am in the midst of them, (Matthew 18:20), that can correspond with the scripture verse that talks about a threefold cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12), and that’s like three strands of a braid. 


When we are braided together, that’s a strong bond with the Lord and He is like a cord that’s bound to us whenever we gather and it’s not easily broken and cannot be broken by any other force,

We live in the presence of a Sovereign, Mighty Force, 

and that is the Savior, Jesus Christ. 



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Thank You!

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