Thursday Feb 16, 2023

The Power of God’s Intervention and Protection From the Evils of The Day



Today’s podcast is going to be, addressing what it means to have the Lord protect us, and save us from evil or harm that may come our way we learn to hear his voice when he tells us to go somewhere or to not go somewhere, or when he puts something down on the inside of us that is not at peace because we are supposed to be doing something differently.


One particular indication in our life, where the Lord protected us will be vivid forever for my husband Steve and I. It was the weekend of my birthday which is May 1, and we had traveled from where we were living at the time which was O’Fallon Missouri, to a town nine miles west of us called Wentzville. There was a restaurant called Isabella’s and we were having the fun of Steve’s parents who came to visit us from Belleville, Illinois to celebrate with us. We also had our two little toddler boys with us. 


We had a wonderful lunch and on the way home we had decided to stop by a church building that my husband Steve has been involved in helping to redesign the interior of and to adjust some architecture. We had texted to see if the pastor or assistant pastor happened to still be there and, the assistant pastor was there! When we went inside we were enjoying showing things to Steve’s parents and suddenly the power went out. 


The sky had been looking rather odd in the direction we were traveling, and if you know the area of Missouri where tornadoes can form, skies gets a strange aqua tint to them. While we were in the building, sitting down talking with the assistant pastor, the Holy Spirit prompted both Steve and I that we were to stay for a little while and not to travel just then, and the pastor himself said he thought it was a good idea if we all just waited a little bit. So, we waited 15 to 20 minutes and then we seemed to have a “go ahead” to travel. We bundled everyone back up into the car and began to travel down the road, which was parallel to a highway and was a wide frontage road.  


The sky to the North and east looked very ominous!

As we began to take a curve around the bend in the road, I suddenly said to my husband, “Why is that road sign up in a tree?” And then we saw someone’s small covered work trailer up in a tree and realized there was debris to the right of us all along the grassy field area. As we finished coming around the curve, we noticed a man and a group of children standing like statues out in a grassy large front yard and behind them there were, some farm style buildings and a home that looked like they had no doors and windows on them. We pulled over and my husband and his dad went up the gravel driveway to see if they were all right, because we realized a tornado had touched down. 


The man was staring at my husband and father-in-law, and said, “God must’ve been with you people! I watched your car coming down the frontage road and then disappeared around the bend where I couldn’t see you anymore. The twister had dropped down in front our property a few minutes before you came around the bend, because it had just passed over our house and blew out the windows and blew the door off the refrigerator and everything out of the refrigerator, into the house.”  

Of course the more we looked around the more we realized how we would have been in that very spot when the tornado touched down if we hadn’t heeded the internal warning of the Lord to wait it out for a little bit at the church building! Our car could’ve been picked up and tossed just like all the things that were now obvious to us. 

We talked to the people for a little while to make sure they had someone coming to help them, and once we were reassured that they had assistance we got back in the car and quickly made our way home. 


Once we got home, the sky had turned an even more aqua color and the atmosphere was eerily still and muggy, so we went down into our basement to wait the storm out. We prayed together and asked the Lord to be a shield around us, and that he would surround us with angelic protection according to Psalm 91: 9-11, and it says this:

If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”

and you make the Most High your dwelling, 

No harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”


We could hear the howling wind coming down our fireplace chimney, and there was an eerie glow from the strange sky color coming through the drapery in the basement windows, but we just simply talked and played with the children and waited until the sirens stopped blaring. About an hour later we went upstairs, and the sky was completely clear and dusk was setting in.

Everything was very quiet and yet we still had power in our house. People were outside sweeping up broken glass around the neighborhood and as my husband and dad in law went for a walk around the block, they were stunned! There were individual homes  that were completely wiped off the street, giant old oak trees picked up and tossed like play toys, and then there were homes left completely standing!

We knew that we had experienced the protection of the Lord two times that day, and the promise of being surrounded by his protective agents. 

Wow! What a Birthday that was! 



Dear Believers! We live in times right now where there is a tremendous amount of danger and uncertainty. There are a lot of desperate people, and a lot of people who are out of their minds on drugs and alcohol. It is at an epidemic level. When we bend our ear to listen to the Lord and ask him if we should be traveling or going somewhere, we are yielding our common sense and our way of doing things to the greater wisdom of God. 

There have been several times that I have gone to travel on an airplane with Steve or by myself, and we always pray the prayer that if there’s anything wrong with the plane Lord, stop it from ever taking off the runway.  We also had one time where we were both very unsettled about a flight. We just did not feel right getting on the plane, and as we boarded that intensity grew stronger. While we sat in our seats we began to pray, and we asked the Lord if we needed to get off the flight. 

We both immediately were impressed to pray that the captain upon final inspection of his plane, would spot what ever was wrong with it at would halt the flight. 

Sure enough as he did his walk-through outside, we noticed the captain stopping and looking at something near the engine. He climbed aboard the back stairs and went into the cockpit, and within a few moments he announced that we were going to have to deplane and wait for another plane, because there was something he was not comfortable and was not going to fly the plane until it had been addressed.


When you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about traveling or going somewhere, that is the Lord allowing you to be discerning about Divine protection. Each of us have experienced where we know the Lord has intervened and often there are angelic interventions that save lives. 

When our two boys were toddlers, we had a wall that we had put brackets and wood slat bookshelves up to store our library of books, and the three lower levels were to hold toys for the children at their height so they could pick them out and play with them. 

One afternoon I was in that space with the children and they were playing with their toys. They were both toddlers at the time one of the babies was under just 14 months old. 


I was strongly impressed to quickly move my boys away from the play area, and something nudged me in the shoulder to push me forward!  At the time I was so focused on moving them both at the same time that I wasn’t concentrating on the nudge! I scooped them up and pulled them away without alarming them and about the time I did this, the bookshelf broke free from some brackets and twisted, and hundreds of books fell down, as well as the wood shelves right in the very play space the boys had been sitting in. Of course I gathered my little ones up and held them close, and was stunned at how there could’ve been great harm done to them, and then I suddenly thought about what had pushed me forward in that very moment to get to them! 


I knew that the Lord had permitted angelic intervention to move me forward to get the boys in that very moment.  


Psalm 34:7 says, 

"The angel of the LORD surrounds those who fear him,

and he delivers them." 


Of course, we never pray to angelic beings, and we certainly don’t try to turn them into some kind of "bizarre, supernatural guide".  Some self-styled “angel experts” instruct their followers to love their angels and to call upon them for health, healing, prosperity, and guidance. But angels are God’s servants, and all this attention and emphasis and glory should go to God, not His servants. 

God says, “I will not share my glory with another” (Isaiah 42:8). 


Scripture makes no mention of loving angels—only God, His word, and people. And, it never tells us to pray to angels, only to the Lord Himself.

The church at Colossae had been invaded by false teachers, who were teaching a false humility and the worship of angels, claiming special mystic insights by way of visions in connection with their worship of angels (Co. 2:18). This was demonic because it was usurping the preeminent place and sufficiency of Christ as Savior and Lord. The claim was that Jesus was not enough for salvation and spirituality. So these people said you “needed” to worship angels, and so on.


These are the demonic, dark spiritual forces we’re up against today, and you can be assured that the enemy knows how to disguise himself as an angel.  His whole intent is to lead us into traps of destruction and to draw our worship away from God. 

Live aware my friends, and don’t be easily deceived. 

God promises to help us as we seek to honor Him and walk wisely in this life. 

We can trust that even when we’re unaware of our needs or impending disasters that lay before us, God knows the way. He is at work, sending words of hope, protecting his children, attending to our needs, bringing justice and mercy to our land, drawing us closer to himself, and encouraging us to walk wisely, be aware, and live fully for Him.


A wonderful story has been told by a Moravian missionary in connection with angelic protection!

An American missionary and his wife bravely went to their station, where, twenty years before, two missionaries had been killed by the natives. They said as they took up their work it seemed as if often they were surrounded not only by the hostile natives, but by the very powers of darkness. These powers of darkness were so real, that night after night they were forced to get up and strengthen their hearts by reading the Word of God. Again, they would pray.


One day a man came and said, "I would like to see your watchmen close at hand."

The missionary replied: "I have no watchmen; I have only a cook and a little herd boy. What watchmen do you mean?”

The man asked permission to look through the missionaries home. Every corner of the house was carefully searched, and the man came out of the house greatly disappointed. Then the missionary asked the man to tell him about the watchmen to whom he referred. Here is the man's answer;

"When you and your wife came here we determined to kill you as we did the missionaries twenty years ago. Night after night we came to carry out our intentions, but there always stood around your house a double row of watchmen with glittering weapons, and we dared not come near.”

“At last we hired a professional assassin, who said he feared neither God nor devil. Last night he came close to your house-we followed at a distance and he was brandishing his spear. There stood the shining watchmen, and the killer fled in terror. So we have given up our purpose to kill you, but tell me, who are the watchmen?”


The missionary opened the Word of God and read: 

The angel of he LORD encamps around those that fear him,

and delivers them. - Psalm 34:7 

Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him. - Deuteronomy 33:12

The Lord had hidden them.   - Jeremiah 36:26


God often works in ways we can’t fully see, sometimes behind the scenes or with unexpected timing, yet he’s always working on our behalf. Whether we realize it or not, there’s a spiritual realm constantly around us. 

May God give us eyes to see clearly that angels are among us and that God is working miracles, even today.


Let’s Pray Together For God’s Divine Protection

Father, I thank you for the great authority and protection you have given your children in the person of Jesus Christ. Even as we go out into the world, your promise remains true to us. Nothing shall, by any means, hurt us.

All authority in heaven and earth has been given to you, Lord Jesus, leaving none for the devil and his angels. Thank you for your divine protection and covering.

You have put your angels in charge concerning us, to guard us in all our ways. You have sent your angels down to your true loyal children to rescue us from danger. Your angels will lift us up and keep us from harm, as we choose to trust in you and obey your promptings and warnings in an instant!

Thank you, that by faith in the work you have done, we are protected and secure, everywhere we go!



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Thank You! 2023

"THE MESSENGER"  - Mary Lindow


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