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Saturday Nov 02, 2019

By Mary Lindow

I invite you to step out from the familiar comfort zone in which you now 
are and take a risk. 
In the body of Christ today there are many different kinds of comfort 
zones. Step out from your comfort zone that leaves you in the place of 
being a “Fallow ground-Christian.” 

What I mean by that statement is; 
"Being currently inactive but with the 
possibility of activity or use in the future."


Are you living as unto yourself, basking in self-approval or self hatred, or 
are you self-consciously living for God’s glory and for the encouragement 
of others? 

Is there joy in your life, and a deeply developing love for God, in the 
“routine” you have carved for yourself? 

We all need the discipline of doing something that goes beyond our 
comfort zone. Some of us need to risk being at an event whose only 
purpose is to pray instead of going to get something or hear something 
that will feed our own need for more attention and self-focus. 

How many times have your heard the line, “If I won the Publisher’s Clearing 
House Sweepstakes, I would do sooooo much to help others who are poor 
or are going through difficult times?!” Or, maybe you have said, “When I 
close this business deal, get my family inheritance, sell that piece of 
property (uh…brings to mind a certain Ananias and Sapphira from Acts 5) 
then I will obey the prompting of the Lord to “Do something to help.” 

If we are truly going have a move of God’s Heart not just His Hand in the form of a “Harvest”, we need to start living the lifestyle that sets a 
precedence for such a move!
Prying our fingers away from what 
we will not share with others until “we” are first satisfied and justified in 
our own “Self preservation.” This does not just apply to material goods. It 
means sharing from the heart humbly, partaking openly with others 
allowing them in, and allowing tears to flow in vulnerability.
These make 
us equals in painful times and equal when we rejoice. 

If folks can’t share during their good times and seasons of abundance, 
they will not fully obey the Lord in caring for their brothers and sisters 
when times are difficult.
Time, resources, wisdom, counsel, transparent dialog. And, how about a 
focused “Listening ear” instead of a benevolent sort of “tolerant” dead-pan 
stare as someone pours out their deeply bruised soul, looking for a 
handhold or foothold that will assist them in grappling with the 
overwhelming “mountain” of life.
“For the LORD searches every heart 
and understands every motive behind the thoughts. 

If you seek him, you will find him; 
but if you forsake him, he will reject you forever. “
1 Chronicles 28:9

Woe to those who think they are fooling themselves when they say that 
they “need to be careful” when they give so people don’t “depend on them 
or expect more from them! 

 Imagine Jesus saying that! He would never withhold from us in order to 
protect “His” investments or hard earned, “worked to the bone” assets! He gave ALL with no guarantee that we would ever appreciate or value it. 

Invite another family or friend to your home. Don’t wait to be invited. Take 
the initiative. Eat together around the table in your dining room or kitchen. 
Talk together. Pray together. Start a plan of blessing someone in need that 
you know of - together.

Stop the mindless chattering that is allowed in most of our self-talking 
heads that allows the flesh to push aside the promptings of the Lord! 

Times are getting tough, and those who have been reluctant to share when 
the times were not nearly where they are heading now, will be called up for 
service again, and asked by the Lord to assist those who 
are perhaps weaker, lesser, and much “leaner” in their provisions. 

Start with something small, something useful. Keep it going. And whatever 
you do, keep it between you and the Lord, where your reward is given 
weight in the records in heaven for eternity, not just for a few fleeting 
strokes of the ego here on earth.

Begin a private life of personal devotion. Rediscover your prayer closet.

"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, 

Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, 
where he prayed."
 Mark 1:35

Gut it out with God. Confess your dissatisfaction with the stale places 
where you have allowed “moss” to grow over in your devotion to the 
discipline of Reading the words of Jesus, Heeding the words of Jesus, and 
then Feeding the Words of Jesus to the hungry, lost, and scared people 
around you in your daily “Missionary calling” as a follower of the Great Reviver of your soul.

"For this is what the high and lofty One says— 
He who lives forever, whose name is holy: 
I live in a high and holy place, 
but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit, 
 to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite.” 

Isaiah 57:15
Personal revival is usually needed when something in our walk with the 
Savior has gone into a “Flat line” and needs to be “shocked” back into a 
proper heartbeat. 

The closer we become devoted to and more intimate with The King, The 
Comforter, and Savior, the more near He is to us and, will reveal His daily 
“Divine Appointments” for our lives and for His Glory. 

If Jesus did it to survive- so must we! 
“But Jesus would often go to some place where he could be alone and pray.” 

 Luke 5:16

Why? In order to not have the distraction of leaning on someone else to “do the praying or talking” for us for one! We gain 
perspective, and refreshing after repenting, and a “reality check” regarding how we are to live the lifestyle of a Christian in an ever-darkening world 
where morals and values are crumbling at an uncontrollable speed.

As we face the fallow ground left unfruitful.. (through intentional denial that we allowed this) …in our lives and allow the Father to create a clean heart in us, and renew or “Revive” a right spirit (godly attitude) within it, the soil 
can be a host for seed and harvest. 

He gladly does this! WE are His faith seeds in the soil of Earth!
"He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, 

Will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him." 

Psalm 126:6 

"He restores my soul. 
He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake."
Psalm 23:3


If you want present day revelation, you must have a level of solid Christian 
maturity to not only discern it, but to apply it. There are more and more 
”Muddy” approaches regarding how to be wise or savvy in living your life
being sold in bookstores and every media venue out there!
If you want to 
drink or eat re-cycled food…well, be my guest. BUT! If you truly desire 
depth and a secure anchor for surviving and flourishing in any 
circumstance that you surely will have attempt to sidetrack and undermine 
your Godly Destiny, you and I will have to go to THE SOURCE of Wisdom 
and stay there until we “Get it.”
"We do, however, speak a message of wisdom among the mature, 

But not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, 
who are coming to nothing."

1 Corinthians 2:6
"But solid food is for the mature, 

which by constant use have trained themselves
to distinguish good from evil." 

Hebrews 5:14

 "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
Romans 12:12
These are the attributes of the faithful and true follower of Christ. And, as Jesus watches over our coming and our going, every moment of every day, 
His joy is made complete when He sees the evidence of a restored life being fruitful and steadfast, no matter what the condition of their 
circumstance or surroundings.

Believer. Let us press on into the walk of maturity in Christ where nothing 
shakes or shatters us anymore, because we live in the light of His Glorious Grace.

"So we praise God for the glorious grace 
he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son." 
Ephesians 1:6
"Whenever we are obstinate and self-willed and set upon our own 
...We are hurting Jesus.
Every time we stand on our rights and 
insist that this is what we intend to do,
...We are persecuting Jesus.
we stand on our dignity we systematically vex and grieve His Spirit; and 
when the knowledge comes home that it is Jesus Whom we have been 
persecuting all the time,
...It is the most crushing revelation there could be."

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~ Mary Lindow

Tuesday Sep 16, 2014

For computer users Please scroll down to the audio player to listen to this messageTHE CHALLENGE BEGINS
REFURBISHING EVERYTHING"A Prophetic Insight For Today's Church
By Mary Lindow through the Holy Spirit 
Lord has shown me that there are a great number of Divine plans being drawn up
and a re-designing going on in the lives of those called to move into the roles
of Kingdom modeling of the Father's heart, the Savior's desire and the Holy
Spirit’s purest functions in the Body.
"See, today I appoint
you over nations and kingdoms.
To uproot and tear down,
to destroy and overthrow.
To build and to
Jeremiah 1:10
Lord spoke to me in this time about His house of worship. As we put first and
out in front of everything else, the “becoming of safe shelters” and hearts of
men surrendered to him as yielded vessels, there will be rooms re-designed by
the "Master’s craftsmen" that will be filled with strategically
planned prayer initiatives, music rooms equipped with "unpolluted
spiritual headsets" to hear the songs of the Kingdom and then actually
record and share them freely. 
sanctuaries will become more like "family rooms" where multi-cultural
groups become "one family" as they fix their eyes on upon the
"fireplace" of the presence of the Holy Spirit and His Upper Room
visitation type of power and might, accompanied by inspired teaching from God’s
 "I also told
them about the gracious hand of my God upon me,
And what the King had said
to me.
They replied, "Let us
start refurbishment."
So they began this good
Nehemiah 2:18
says the Lord!  I Am restructuring everything in your lives that I have
allowed to be taken and shaken from you! How can you be examples of My fresh demonstration
in the earth with the worn out living of the past?
who continue to cling to the accolades of the past and bygone ministry meetings
and services (even if they were recent) will receive a limited amount of new responsibilities
until they realize that the past is... PAST!
day is a new day and needs a fresh approach to the fresh design template that I
AM revealing!"
day for building your walls will come, the day for extending your boundaries."
unseen prophetic and travailing groups of individuals, who are being shaped
into the fabric of my own weaving, are currently being made ready for a swift
and dynamic change of stride. 
was once long and hard will become shortened and filled with purpose. Release of
My grace and abundant mercy is coming into fulfillment as you end your
cycle of instructions for this past season. 
friends don’t be surprised at the painful things that you are now suffering, Which
are testing your faith.
Don’t think
that something strange is happening to you.
 But you should be happy that you are sharing
in Christ’s sufferings.
You will be
happy and full of joy when Christ shows his glory."
1 PETER 4:12-13
will be shouts and tears of joy as heaven moves upon the hearts of wise,
kingdom-minded saints, who have been given grave responsibility over heavenly
blessed currency. My sober, truth-seeking saints, will hear my voice and will
not be moved by flashy pleas for glamorous support and promises of free gifts
in return!  No! They will be led by the counsel of my Holy Spirit to be
vessels that release a steady flow into the hands of those ready to only build
with the name "Jesus" on the final product. The financial
institutions will be dumbfounded as supernatural windfalls hit many believers,
while worldly concepts and scheming only further muddy the waters of universal
Me to do this work of re-construction without hindrance or fear!
will RE-ESTABLISH a new "habitat of worship" within each of My people
who allow Me to walk into each room of their hearts, tearing out the embedded
dirt, grime and staleness of passive and fearful living.
and harsh judgments, disrespect for others who have devoted their time in
preparation, and -critical attitudes will be purged again and again in the
hearts of believers who have yet to see those whom I lovingly call beloved
and faithful, even though viewed as awkward or fragile in the eyes of the
immature or worldly heart.
"All who belong to
the Lord, 
 show how you love him!

The Lord protects the
But he firmly
 everyone who is proud."
is the day for each member of My Body to think of themselves as one Godly unit,
ready to honor and edify each unique Master plan of their King. It's the hour
where building upon egos and entitlement is over and the conviction of My
Spirit goes to work, until the knowledge of humility and eternal reward are
viewed as the most perfect and timeless design.
 "Since you are
eager to have spiritual gifts,
Try to excel in gifts that
build up the church."
1 Corinthians 14:12
the training in humility and gentleness of “heart-expanded compassion” are
applied in your lives as friends of Me, your King, your souls will stop from striving
and from chasing after lofty goals you set out to accomplish in your own
will learn to listen to the wisdom and warnings of others in simplicity and in humility.
In gentleness you will sincerely approach one another as I the Lord do to you.  Although I am the wisest among you, I put no
heavy yokes or shameful methods of performance upon my children. I
simply yoke them to Myself in a promised rest when they yield humbly. 
"Take my yoke upon
you and learn from me,
For I am gentle and humble
in heart,
And you will find rest for
your souls."
Matthew 11:29
Hear Me!  - Cries the Spirit of Holy Grace and Mercy!
desire to move upon, in, and through each of you. Not one of you alone can
endure the onslaughts of evil by standing aloof and silent. Nor can the most
vocal of gifts among you clearly communicate all that I long to express.
Until each one is willing
to step into the Holy place of pure relationship with Me and with one another,
waiting, crying out in prayer, Yes - even waiting until I come and refresh,
then those ready for training and release who are waiting in the wings will not
fully come forward.
Until it is imprinted into
your heart
that this segment in time is for the saving of the lost, the redeeming of the
wasted, and the release of the power of My glory, you will be so very
frustrated by the heaviness that continually harasses your soul.
I authorize, I protect. 
certain that you have heard what I am saying.
am fully aware of the weariness and fatigue you have been experiencing. Heavier
than anything you can recall from the past.
“Do not be surprised at
the painful trial you are suffering, 
As though something
strange were happening to you!”
Peter 4:12
are many others globally who are also still wrestling out of the cocoon in
newness and are suffering also. PRAY FOR THEM!
Conflict will be a
normal disturbance in the days ahead. Unless you harness the power of consistent prayer
and train yourselves in regular gatherings of prayer and worship together, you
will shrink back into serious doubt, anxiety and dread when the trauma of
warfare attacks!!
your silent tongue and give voice to my name, My power and My Kingdom
Solutions! No resistance executed against you will ultimately succeed! My
Spirit longs to broadcast wonders, to decree Justice, and to destroy darkness
with your lips proclaiming from the spirit. 
"So is my word that
goes out from my mouth: 
It will not return to me
But will accomplish what I
And achieve the purpose
for which I sent it." 
Isaiah 55:11
out in truth and in praise and I will step into your midst with the peace you
have been craving and seeking for. Quickly! Enter in before you make decisions
and exchange ideas with others who might dilute what I am speaking to you!
When I am given My rightful
place of honor and reverence…
… Then I will speak and
give you clear vision and direction."
"In the morning, O
LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning
I lay my requests before
you and wait in expectation. "
Psalm 5:3
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